Going Onward and Upward: Handling Franchise Prospects During Uncertain Times

How to keep your franchise prospect pipeline running in unpredictable times

In times of uncertainty, as we are currently experiencing, it’s important, if not more so, to keep your franchise prospect pipeline active to capture the segment of franchise candidates that will rapidly grow:  those now looking for work.

Right now, this segment is looking to regain control of their life, find stability, or make a career transition – and a franchise offering couldn’t be a better fit.  The initial outreach, of course, might be more of a hesitation than a raising of the hand – but the reality is, if they are responding, they want to talk to you! 

There are many ways to tackle those on the fence, but with a little help from our partner Mick Riddiough over at 1-800-JUNKPRO, we have compiled a few tips and tricks on how to move these prospects in the positive direction despite outside factors.

Educate in place

Now probably couldn’t be a better time for franchise prospects to learn all about you and your brand.   Both parties are more than likely bound to their residences right now and can give one another a greater focus than in normal periods of their lives.  The qualifying process is all done over the phone and via email, so social distancing remains in place, and completing this process is at no cost to the prospect.

Time is your friend

The qualifying process for a potential franchise prospect takes time.  Most organizations require a 4-8-week qualification process, so by conducting this process now, in 1-2 months, both the inquirer and you will know if this is a strong match or not. By the time the qualification process is complete, there is a strong possibility you have reached greater clarity in the current circumstance – whether it be over, or it has decreased in severity.

First come, first served

Those who decide to not complete the qualifying process will be onto evaluating their next business option and those who qualify to accept an invitation can move forward.  Either way, the prospect is not “sitting around” waiting to get started.  And, most importantly, those who are accepted can get a head start over those who wait, including getting first pick on their territory of preference.

There is no question that we are in the midst of unprecedented times.  Hopefully these tips can offer you a little direction on how to keep the franchise prospect pipeline moving, and as Mick says, “continue onward and upward.”