apple pie

Apple Pie Capital : Case Study

The Challenge

An innovative, franchise-focused financial solutions provider dedicated to high-quality franchise brands, their entrepreneurs and investors, Apple Pie Capital wanted to reach franchisees of specific brands that had a high percentage of multi-unit franchisees and were in growth modes to offer them capital for expansion or remodeling. Tired of direct mail, brochures or trade shows to locate new borrowers, Apple Pie Capital sought a more focused, customer-centric approach.


The Solution

In their desire to find mid-stream franchisees who might be in the market for additional growth, Apple Pie Capital gave Prospect Direct a list of 50 established franchise brands in the US that they were interested in approaching. PD tapped into their exclusive database to provide contact information for franchise owners of the targeted brands – information that would have taken Apple Pie Capital a long time to find, if they were able to locate it at all. Apple Pie Capital took the ball and ran with it from there.


The Results

Apple Pie Capital’s heads of sales and marketing had been concerned that their sales team didn’t have an adequate pipeline when utilizing trade shows, direct mail pieces, and trade magazine ads to locate potential clients. Thanks to Prospect Direct, their sales force is reaching existing franchisors, growing brands, and hitting their numbers. Not only did this result in a much higher hit rate in securing loans, it was done at a fraction of the cost of a trade show booth. Apple Pie has since purchased 2 additional data sets and rely on PD data as a main source of qualified leads for revenue growth.